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Deaf World Games Water Polo Team

The Head Coach (pending approval by the USADSF Board)...

Jim Dopf is in his third year at Riverside Community College after an outstanding career at Chaffey College. Dopf who played water polo at the collegiate level for Cal Poly-Pomona, later became an assistant coach at Cal Poly-Pomona before setting out to make a name for himself in the field of aquatic athletics. His first stop was Fontana High School. In a span of 12 years, Dopf led the Fontana Steelers water polo program to an outstanding 182-82 record, three Citrus Belt titles, and 10 California Interscholastic Federation appearances. Three times he was honored by the league as their Coach of the Year.

After resigning his coaching duties at Fontana High School, Dopf set off a successful community college career at Chaffey College. In just seven years at Chaffey College, Dopf became the college?ll-time winningest water polo coach. Under his tutelage, the Panthers were 147-78 in seven seasons, Southern California finalists, and finished 4th at the 1997 state finals. For his coaching efforts, Dopf was named the men?alifornia Community College Coach of the Year.

In 1998, he left Chaffey College in order to join the staff at Riverside Community College (and his daughter, too!) as the college?ead women?ater polo, swimming and diving coach. His impact on the team is already being felt as the Tigers have been 58-17 in his first two years as the head coach, earning him the Community College Coach of the Year honors. The Tigers have been in the State Final Four for two years, finishing 4th and 2nd respectively.

In June of 2000, Dopf was named the State Coach of the Year by the California Coaches Association at a dinner in his honor in Sacramento, CA.

Dopf has also been the deaf National Team water polo head coach for the last three years, and will be instrumental in getting a potential gold medal in the 2001 Deaf World Games in Rome, ITA.

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Assistant Coach Marc Ruh

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