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USAAD was incorporated in April of 1990. By-laws were written and USAAD was accepted as a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization with its own identification number. USAAD affliates yearly with AAAD, USS, USWP and is well represented at respective conventions. USAAD applies for grants and raise funds for its development and training programs. USAAD fosters national and international aquatic competitions.

Major Events

November 1990
USAAD holds its first meeting. Doug Matchett, Barbara Ogle, and Reed Gershwind were

July 1991
USAAD sends seven swimmers to a swim development camp in Mission Bay, Florida.

Summer 1991
USAAD begins to supports water polo tournament fees in California and continues to do so

September 1991
USAAD prints its first newsletter. USAAD has three editors since the founding of the
organization: Lisa Herberger, Russ Bye, and Carrie Miller.

September 1991
USAAD attends the annual USS convention in Kentucky. USAAD continues to send a
representative to the annual USS convention.

November 1991
Twelve players and two coaches participated in USAAD's first annual Thanksgiving water polocamp at Cypress College. This lasts from 1991-1996.

January 1992
USAAD sends eight swimmers, one coach, and one official to Can-Am dual meet in Calgary,

April 1992
USAAD hosts its first annual Easter water polo camp at Cypress College. This lasts from

June 1992
Swimming and water polo tryouts are held in Fremont, CA. Twenty eight swimmers, twenty
two players, 4 coaches, and 5 officials partcipated. Athletes and coaches were selected for the 1993 World Games for the Deaf.

September 1992
USAAD attends the annual USWP convention in Colorado. USAAD continues to attend to this day.

October 1992
USAAD sends four swimmers and one coach to an invitational in Minsk, Belarus.

July 1993
World Games for the Deaf in Sofia, Bulgaria. USAAD brings home 33 swimming medals and a gold medal in water polo. Twelve swimmers, thirteen players, and two coaches are on the USA team roster representing AAAD/USAAD.

June 1994
USAAD sends seven swimmers, one coach, and one team manager to the annual USS DSO
camp. And continues to do so today.

October 1994
Fourteen members participated in AAAD/USAAD coaching clinic.

November 1994
USAAD hosts a successful fundraising dinner/entertainment event in Buena Park, CA (Casino

March 1995
USAAD sends six swimmers, one coach, and one team manager to an invitational in Malmo,

August 1995
USAAD sends a team to the 1st World Championships in Brugge, Belgium. USAAD brings
home 35 swimming medals and a bronze medal in water polo.

June 1996
Six swimmers partcipate in a youth development camp in Iowa. USAAD hosts an alumni swim meet with veterans from 1969-1993 World Games for the Deaf.

November 1996
USAAD hosts a successful fundraising casino event in Huntington Beach, CA.

June 1997
USAAD launches its first WWW page.

July 1997 
At the World Games in Copenhagen, Denmark, USAAD swimmers win 24 medals while the
players win the silver medal.  Ten swimmers, twelve players, and three coaches and one team
manager represented USAAD on the USA team roster. 

June 1998
Deaf swimmers participate for the first time at the USA Swimming Disability Championships 
and continue to do so annually.